Tim Peacock: Music in Athens County is Alive

Published by Business Remixed on Jan 24, 2014

Tim Peacock’s foray into the music business emerged somewhat unexpectedly, yet with a natural, rhythmic ease, like that of the humble drone of a frailing banjo in an Appalachian folk tune. Small treasures found in Tim’s rustic country farmhouse symbolize various chapters in his musical voyage. Stacks of old records rest dutifully near wooden instruments — an upright bass, a banjo, a guitar, and a watercolor by his long-time folk hero Michael Hurley hangs from his wall. Tim is reminded of the first time he picked up his brother’s records back in Toledo where he grew up — the smell of vintage vinyl and the “stuff” on the back covers. Tim was hooked. But it wasn’t until decades later that he realized music as his life pursuit...  Read More


Published by Sacramento Press on Jan 30, 2011

In a newly designed Midtown studio, dancers of all ages and levels, dressed in their finest fishnets, enter to explore the mystery of sensuality through a modern take on one of history’s most misunderstood yet brazen art forms: burlesque...  Read More

Chelsea Wolfe Unveils Her Voice, New Record

Published by Sacramento Press on Dec 17, 2010

Black, mantilla lace shrouded Chelsea Wolfe’s eyes as she peered into the intimate glow of the Crocker Art Museum on Thursday. A projector poured black and white film negatives onto the screen behind her, shimmering a cool light through her florid veil. I wondered if she could see the audience, a small gathering of family, friends and loyal fans, if their faces were recognizable or just anonymous shadows in a naked theater...  Read More


Some kids got weird in the outskirts of Davis, CA and music was there. }

Published by Impose Magazine on May 26, 2010

Somewhere along the veteran biker routes of northern California pulses the thundering heart of the central valley’s DIY music crowd. Tucked loudly and proudly behind Plainfield Station, a random dive north of Davis in rural Yolo County, the local independent radio station KDVS 90.3FM hosts the biannual, non-profit music festival Operation: Restore Maximum Freedom (O:RMF). Here, distortion pedals and anti-corporate ideals cut with the same edge as the bikers and brews that make the scene...  Read More

Local community organizer makes 'Daily Show' correspondent laugh

Published by The Athens News on Oct 27, 2008

"Oh, Liz, there's that Ohio wit again!"

"The Daily Show" correspondent John Oliver's brisk British accent resonates in the still, comfortable air of Liz Shaw's historic home in Meigs County.

Shaw's brow furrows curiously. Her dog howls from the backyard. The show's producer, Ian Berger, critiques the scene. And despite an urge to laugh, the video crew films silently, carefully capturing an interview set to be featured on this Thursday's episode of "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart," airing at 11 p.m. on Comedy Central...  Read More

Down to the Core

Published by The Athens News on Jan 7, 2008

Colin Shelton fully realized the healing power of Pilates a few years after a skiing trip that tore one of the tendons in his knee, resulting in surgery and pain. A dance student at the time and avid climber, he tried physical therapy, but said it didn't help him get back up to the level of ability that he needed...  Read More